Wednesday, July 29

There are several pictures of our group on the World Changers website!! I wanted to copy them and post them on here but was unable to do that! So, you'll have to go to the site to check them out!
Some of them you have to look closely to see our crew!
I received a text message from Mike early this morning before they headed out to the work sites. He said they had a GREAT church group time last night and that God is working in the lives of our students! Praise be to God for the amazing things happening this week! Please continue to pray for the participants and the families that are being helped!

Tuesday, July 28

The World Changer team before they headed to Corpus!
I (Cymbre) was able to go to Corpus last night and help serve dinner for the group. The Grounded Student Ministries group was in good spirits and shared with excitement the duties they had during the day. Most of them worked on scraping paint to prepare houses to be painted in the days to come. Others got to work with a jackhammer!! Even with the early morning of their first day HOURS behind them, they seemed rested and excited! One group was able to witness a young girl of the family they are helping come to know Christ yesterday!! Her family is Jehovah Witness and I pray the family opens up this week and accepts Christ as well. Praise God for the committment that girl made!

Monday, July 27

World Changers

Check out the above website to see pictures of the World Changers mission team!! There are lots of youth so look closely to see our crew!

Thursday, July 23

Last night, we were challenged to figure out what our addiction is...what are we so addicted to that it gets in the way of our relationship with Christ??
Remember 1 Corinthians 6:12~
Everything is permissible for me but not everything is beneficial.
Everything is permissible for me but I will not be mastered by anything.
Do not be mastered by anything or anyone other than our Heavenly Father.
Mike and Cymbre are always here if you need to talk about something you are addicted to or need help figuring out how to decrease it or delete it from your life!

Monday, July 20

What a great week we had at camp!
I apologize that I do not have pictures available yet. My camera went was dead the first day and I'm waiting on pictures from a few of the youth.
Last week was a great week--3 youth accepted Christ and 1 surrendered to the ministry! Many others felt God speaking to them about their lives and their walk with Him.
Praise God for the amazing things that happened at camp!
Please continue praying for those who attended camp. Although the week is over, God is still at work in their lives and now is the hard out what they learned!
The World Changers mission team leaves Saturday for Corpus. Please pray for them as they participate in construction work and sharing God's love with the community of Corpus.

Friday, July 10

We leave for camp Monday!!
Please join us in prayer for the 47 campers and 5 sponsors!
Pray that each camper and sponsor is impacted by this week
of worshipping God and learning more about Him!

Wednesday, July 8

Coming up!

Coming Up!
Fridays with Mike (July 10)
Swimming day at the Rec Pool
Meet at the church Monday at 12:15 for us to load luggage.
If you missed the meeting, contact Mike ASAP!

Wednesday, July 1