Thursday, June 18

This is crazy!!
15-Year-Old Texting Champ Wins $50,000!!
Hey everyone! We hope you have a great weekend!
We will be out of town for several days...see ya next Tuesday (6/23)!!
No LifeGroups, Fridays with Mike, Roots, or Open Gym!
If you are signed up for the Hooks game, don't forget on Tuesday!!
Fell free to text us while we're gone!

Thursday, June 4

Summer is here!!!
...and things are getting busy!

Please plan to be at the following...these are not on your calendar you received in the mail.
This Friday (6/6)
After Fridays with Mike (1-4), the youth will help prepare craft items for VBS.
Next Friday (6/12)
The youth are in charge of setting up the VBS Carnival this year. Please come help! 9-?? Lunch provided.

Tuesday, June 2


Those that were at Shine Sunday night decided to go see the new Disney/Pixar movie Up afterwards. I thought this was a really good movie! It had a great message and such funny lines. SQUIRREL!!
Did you go see it?? What did you think of the movie?
Leave a comment here with your thoughts on the moive.